Community, Vocational, Youth and Environmental

This committee deals with all local projects in our community.

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Plans for the year:

Committee Members: John Watson (Chair), John Waterhouse, Alan Morrell (Environment) and Tony Gill.

The Committee will continue with projects adopted previously in the Community, Youth and Environment, many of which overlap the topics of interest to the Committee. In addition, we hope to include further projects on an ad hoc basis.

•    Dictionary4Life distributions to five Inner Bradford Primary Schools, all with a Blaize label and including a child’s name.  The cost of the Dictionaries are being met by two local charities.

•    Continuation of support for the Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank and Marie Curie Hospice in Bradford , through collections and donations.

•    Continuation of support by Blaize members  within local Primary Schools by helping pupils with their reading.

•    Re-siting our Spiral Wishing Well in a suitable location to support local charity giving.

•    Considering taking on a project currently being undertaken by Wakefield Chantry Rotary to assist dementia patients through Admiral Nurses.

•    Again, we are supporting RYLA in 2020.  We regard it as excellent value for money in the development of young people.

•    Again, supporting Kids Out in 2020 with the children from the Bowling Park Primary School – from a deprived Inner Bradford Area.  The children have a fabulous day out and the School greatly value the experience, paying the cost of the buses.

•    We will review the Ocean Trust project, having sent a candidate this year and deciding whether to support it again in 2020.

•    Considering further support for Life Education Bradford, which provides excellent support for schools in healthy life choices, anti-drugs and relationships.

•    Through the Environment Officer, the planting of about 500 trees in the Bradford Metropolitan conjunction with BEAT – the Forest of Bradford.

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