Youth Service

Wed, Jul 2nd 2014 at 12:00 am -

Project reports on activities by Interact Club of Sandbach and RotaKids clubs will appear under Youth



Youth Service sub-pages:

Interact and RotaKids Activities

more Sandbach Interact Club and Elworth Hall Primary school RotaKids report their activities.

Sandbach Scouts supporting Shoe Aid

more After listening an online talk given by our Youth Committee Chairman Rtn. Eric Cowcill the Sandbach Scouts decide to support the charity and collected a large number of shoes.

Interact and RotaKids Activities

more Adrian Ramsden our Interact Co-ordinator and Eric Cowcill our Youth Committee Chairman write about the activities of Interact Club of Sandbach and Elworth Hall Primary School RotaKids activities, respectively.

Elworh Hall RotaKids

more Rotarian Rosemary Twidale from Rotary Club of Sandbach attended the meeting of RotaKids and this a short report on that meeting.