International and Foundation

International and Foundation

Beyond the horizon!

We have a tried and tested approach to our International and Rotary Foundation work.  Following a very democratic process, every three years we select a new International Project to support for the following three years - which involves helping out by using our skills where we can as well as raising funds.  We also try to visit the projects we support to see what it’s like for ourselves, how our money is spent and what else is needed.

Over the past few years the projects have included:

  • Providing buses to a school in the Yavatmal in India.
  • Equipment and skilled support to the Kibagora Hospital in Rwanda.
  • Play equipment, solar panels and a security hut to the Beautiful Gate Orphanage in Lesotho.
  • Funding towards the (local) New Beginnings Charity, based near Kendal, that supports the Genesis House, for street children in Kiev.
  • Funding towards the running of the Nava Jyoti Deaf School in Sindhuli, Nepal.
  • Funding scholarships for graduates of the Nava Jyoti Deaf School for their further education.
  • Raising funds for the repair and rebuilding of the Nava Jyoti Deaf School, Nepal following the 2015 earthquakes.!

Each year we also make a financial contribution towards our Rotary Charity - Foundation -as well as a paymnet towardsthe End Polio Now campaign.  We also have a rather wacky 'Purple Pinkie Challenge' am at raising awareness of the End Polio Now campaign!

In addition, also each year, we fund ShelterBoxes to enhance the stock for responding to disasters anywhere in the world. We commit ourselves to reactive responses when disasters occur by rattling buckets and collecting much needed equipment, clothing etc.  We fill Rotary Shoe Boxes for distribution to children and young people in the Eastern Europe care system.

We are committed to working with other Rotary Clubs at home and abroad to try to use the economies of scale to best effect.

We are proud of our international work and we put a great deal of effort in to doing it as well as we can. We have fun along the way especially running the events that raise the necessary funds as well as travelling to the projects and reporting back on our adventures (and we mean adventures!) to the rest of the Club and anyone else who will listen……

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