Our sporting activities have dwindled down to just two main annual events: Golf (John Barclay Trophy), and 10-pin bowling (an annual outing)

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The Club participates in several sporting activities: lawn bowls, 10-pin bowling and golf. 

10-pin Bowling: This is always an enjoyable evening out for members, family and friends.  We call it a competition but, in truth, it is more of an enjoyable social occasion that adds to the wonderful fellowship of Rotary.  For the vast majority of us it is the only time we play 10-pin bowling.

Golf:  The Club runs its own annual golf competition for the John Barclay Trophy.  Again, nothing too serious - just an enjoyable day out, spiced with friendly, handicap competition.

 Lawn Bowls:  For many years we have sent a team to participate in the Scottish Rotary Bowls Championship, normally held in Alloa in July.  We always manage to finish in the top half and were the runners-up one year.  After the bowling the 100 or so participants meet in a local hotel for high tea and inter-club fellowship.