To conduct our business we have created several committees.

The Club Council is the governing body and supported by committees, some of which need no explanation as they literally do what they say.

The Club Service Committee is responsible for internal club matters and administration and is supported by the Membership and PR Committees.

The Community Service Committee concentrates on events and fund-raising activities, predominantly within and for the local community whilst the International Committee sets its sights much further afield.

The Foundation Committee supports Rotary’s own charity through the education of members, raising funds for the charity by conducting at least four club programmes per year, but equally ensures the club's eligibility to receive and participate in grant-aided projects.

There are also three committees dedicated to specific signature events such as the Golf Day, “Swimathon” and the Model Railway Exhibition. Some specific posts are filled by individual members to support the club's legal and procedural requirements.

The Sports Officer ensures that we make time for fun and fellowship through organised games/events.

The photographs show a little fun at the quoits evening, ensuring Santa sees the children, helping with our school children's literacy by providing free dictionaries and providing a defibrilator and training for use in the community.


John Burrows President's Night at Locomotion Shildon

Previous President's Nights

more John Burrows President's Night at Locomotion Shildon

Roger Curtis (left) former president 2012/3 and his successor Geoff.

Handover Night July 2013

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Sale of the Century

more Shoppers get more than they bargained for