Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka


Andrew Watta is a 2.5 acre site in Columbo which accommodates some 2,500 people in various buildings. It is an area acknowledged by the local government as a health risk. Some people have erected semi permanent buildings, which are registered with the local authority. During a visit to Sri Lanka, club member Graham Arthurs met with Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Downtown Columbo. They visited Andrew Watta. There was a sewage tank which was emptied by a tanker when it overflowed.  Water was being brought from taps at some distance.  It was recognised that there was the lack of proper sanitation and basic faciliuties and it was decided to initiate a Rotary project to improve conditions.

The First phase of the Andrews Place project was to provide connections to the main sewer from the existing toilets and a storm drain to take surface water. The second phase was to build a cluster of twelve new toilets and wash rooms. The estimate for the work was about

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