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Youth Services Committee   2019/2020



The objectives /activities will closely follow the successes of previous years and will include: 


Youth Speaks – A Debate: This has been a successful endeavour and should, hopefully, continue to be, although the recent change in format was unexpected and may be unhelpful.. 


RYLA: Once again this will provide 2 places for young people to undertake an activity weekend. The aim will be firstly to identify 2 young people to attend with an emphasis of finding the right candidates to attend, not necessarily the highest achievers!  


Mock interviews: We shall continue with this in its present form. This year we had approximately 20% fewer participants from outside Rotary, so seeking new blood will continue to offer challenges, but the school has had further help from some of those new to the mocks.


Kids Out: Another successful event organised by our Club therefore will be arranged once again within the Rotary year. 


Reading Partners: Roger Batey is to continue leading this project which is valued by all parties concerned and Roger will liaise with the committee. Our thanks to Roger once again for leading this service and Buster’s book club. 


Other potential activities  

We will look to how we can engage with those students/schools Rotary does not usually deal with. A Scrapheap Challenge of sorts has been suggested where students will compete to build a model boat from waste materials and to sail it at Egerton Park. Writing Club will also be looked at, again in the format of a competition. 

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