Club Service

This committee is always chaired by the current President to oversee the smooth running of the club.

Club Service 

Like any other organistion a Rotary Club needs to manage its own budget and affairs.  Here in our Club the responsibilities for ensuring bits of the work get done are shared out and those doing these bits of work are providing "Club Service".   Without all these housekeeping jobs being done the Club would end up in a mess or be inefficient.  The following items represent the major headings in Club Service. 

Club President is elected annually and has overall responsibility to ensure that the club runs smoothly.

Club Secretary.    Arguably this is the most crucial role in the Club and is responsible for ensuring that all we do is within the requirements of the Club Constitution. In particular the Secretary ensures that the Club's Council are aware of the constitutional position whenever they make decisions.

Treasurer:            Maintains budget oversight and pays out monies to charities and also pays the club's bills. With a Club turnover of approaching £15,000 per year it is no small job.

Membership Development;           In order to continue to serve the community we need to have new members to join us and the Development Officer is responsible for following up on any suggestions for new members which we receive.  We try to run an information meeting for prospective members annually.

Bulletin and Public Relations:      We produce a monthly 12 page Club colour  bulletin to ensure that all Club members are aware of all that is going on in the Club.  Extracts from this are made available to the press locally and for Rotary publicity. Under this category comes the role of  Webmaster and also amember who updates Facebook. Press releases are issued in relation to events we want to publicise

Speaker Finder:                A fairly onerous job in the Club as we usually have about 40 different speakers each year to inform the Club members of a variety of issues including local and national charitable initiatives.

Fellowship, Fundraising and Events;            Fellowship in a Club has to be the way we build a team of people who become able to work together for the benefit of the community.  These events include games nights, quizs', trips to interesting places and other enjoyable events.

Inter-Club Relations;         We try to visit other Rotary Clubs from time to time to learn from what they are doing.

Sergeants at Arms;            For a bit of fun at each meeting our "Sergeants", point out any minor transgressions that members may have made (and if there have been none they make them up!) and solicit some money which goes to our charity account. 

Club Almoner;     The old saying "charity begins at home" is enacted in our case by our almoner, who keeps an eye on any Club members or members of their family who may be unwell.

Health & Safety Officer;  Undertakes Risk Assessments for all public events in which we plan to be involved.

Protection Officer;            Also in our contact with the public legal issues of Protection may arise and this officer deals with these.

The following Service Committees of the Club have their own pages elsewhere on this site:-

*        Community, Vocational & New Generation (Youth) Service. 

*        Environmental Service:

*        Rotary Foundation Service

*        International Service

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Norwood House Nursing Home concert - December 2012

more Residents enjoyed the afternoon and joined in the singing and had a hearty laugh at the jokes. The afternoon was rounded up by having mince pies and soft drinks .