Fellowship and friendship is the basis of Rotary. There are over 1.3 million Rotarians world wide and everyone of the wears a small badge which identifies them to others

The Fellowship of Rotary is basicaly friendship within the Rotary Community and with over 1.3 million Rotarians world-wide we have a lot to meet.

Members of the Rotary Club visit other Rotary Clubs both in the UK and overseas where there is always a warm welcome. Likewise many Rotarians visit the Rotary Club of Alcester and Bidford at Kings Court Hotel

With the Headquaters of Rotary being in the town, many visitors stay at the hotel and are always welcome to join us at our breakfast meeting on the first and third Thursdays each month. Visitors are also welcome at our social meetings.

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This year we have entered teams from local schools into the Rotary Youth Speaks debating competition and Young Chef competition. In past years local young people have entered the Rotary Young Photographer competition

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