Latest Plans and Projects

International Committee   - Sub-Commitee of Fundraising  

 Helder Lemos  and Richard Coleman.

 The following plans/projects are suggested for the club’s support in the upcoming Rotary term:

(i)  There was no 'V' festival collection in 2018  - the RiZe Music weekend did not require our "Collection Services". 

In 2017 we continued the long standing role for our club in assisting with the "V Festival" clear-up and collection of blankets, chairs, clothing , etc in liaison with Charles Storer of Hope & Aid Direct . Sleeping bags and mats were required.  

(ii) Re-Cycle  – A Bicycle Collection Charity for Africa....under consideration

Re-Cycle is a Charity based in Colchester who collect good quality used bicycles from the UK for re-use and recycling for use in rural communities in Africa. They wish to come over to our Club and make a presentation about the work involved in this Charity venture and how we may be able to help them. Their patron is ex-pro & Olympian Chris Boardman.

They not only collect and deliver these bicycles to support emerging bicycle-related economies in Africa, but they also provide local partners with the necessary skill, knowledge to repair and maintain the bicycles. 

A simple mode of transport such as a bicycle can help provide access to income, health and better well-being and create long lasting improvement to livelihoods in Africa.

(iii) Dental Mavericks –  supported
 Project:- 3 staff members volunteers from Ingatestone  Start Smiling Dental Practice going to rural Morocco as free dental work volunteers.

Dental Mavericks is a Charity of volunteer Dental Staff who go out to rural off the beaten track locations such as the Asni Mountains in rural Morocco to help vulnerable adults and children with dental pain and general dental advice. 

3 staff members, Rhonda, Kira-Jade & Berenice from Start Smiling, a dental practice located in Ingatestone, will be volunteering to go out on September the 29th 2019. They are raising funds for this mission - better dental hygiene practices and cause. We have recently contacted them with regards to making a presentation of what this volunteer work entails. We are awaiting their reply but are hopeful they will get in touch with us soon.

This would be a small, one-off aid to Dental Mavericks, mostly because it involves aiding people who are volunteering for an International Charity, who live or work in Ingatestone.

International Disaster Relief – Box Schemes

As a Rotary Club we have regularly contributed most years with 1 or 2 aid boxes; both nationally and internationally to disaster struck areas worldwide, via the myriad options of Box schemes, namely: ShelterBox, AquaBox, LifeBox, LifeStraws, Water Survival Box, etc.

We suggest we continue to do so, on the basis of “as-is-needed” and an eye on what available Club or Charity Account Funds allow at any given moment in time.

(v) Fund Raising Revenue Collection ideas

 Foreign Coin Collection - The last time this was done we were presented with a bagful of old notes, currency & coins, kindly & generously donated by club members and those that contributed to the Collection Barrel located at Gallivant Travel Agency. The amount raised the last time was £72.01.

We still have some small amounts from donations given after this first initiative.

We want to run a similar collection, but this time we would aim for a bigger return, as we plan to market and advertise this in October, after everyone has enjoyed their summer holidays. We are hopeful that through the marketing of social media & word-of-mouth we can raise the awareness and overall revenue of this initiative.

Race Night – This is our idea for a fund-raising event, but something we would need help with as both Richard and I have no idea on where to start organizing something like this.

 Dutch Twin Club  - RC Twenterand  

Contact is being still being maintained with our twin Club - members met up for a few days in Ypres in April 2019 and we held a Virual meeting via ZOOM during Covid in 2021

What we do in the future is under discussion - in the Spring of 2017, a group of ingatestone Rotary club members enjoyed a very pleasant visit to Keukenhoff, staying in an hotel with many from Vriezenveen staying at a camper site locally - our visitors were royally entertained by our Netherlands twin club mebers. 

After we had enjoyed greeting a small group of visitors from The Netherlands who helped us in celebrating our 40th Anniversary over the weekend 12th - 14th June 2015, the decision on the club's future relationship with RC Twenterand is still being mutually discussed by both clubs 

Some Photos of our meetings - a powerpoint slideshow [ 5 minutes]


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