Fundraising to help others

Donating to a wide range of community groups and charities

Mount's Bay Rotary raises funds through a variety of activities and through the Rotary Shop at the top of Market Jew Street. 

The funds are donated to a wide range of community groups and charities.

Through our fundraising activities we also support The Rotary Foundation, which uses donations to fund projects by Rotarians and Rotary's partner organisations to make lasting improvements in communities around the world 

Joining Rotary gives you the chance to meet new friends and make a difference. Be it volunteering at an event, working with young people locally or building a school in Africa, the list of opportunities is endless.  

Fundraising to help others sub-pages:

The Big Cornish Footpath Challenge

more Mount’s Bay Rotarian Terry Newman on the Big Cornish Footpath Challenge!

Rotary Shop

more The Rotary Shop is staffed exclusively by volunteers. Profits benefit local charities, organisations, individuals and and other Rotary good causes. We are open Tuesdays to Fridays 10.30am till 3.30pm.


more Raising funds every time you shop online