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Rotary is an International organisation based in 200 countries with 1.2 millionmembers. Clubs contribute to the Rotary Foundation Charity that distributes the funds to wherever they are needed, usually through local Rotary Clubs who have submitted applications and so full control of the funding remains in Rotary control wherever possible.  In 2020 the Rotary International Foundation awarded £25000 from disaster relief to District 1210 to be spent on uregently needed supplies and equipment within Staffordshire, Shropshire and North West Midlands. Rugeley Rotary club directed some of this towards local Women's refuges.

Individual clubs also manage their own smaller International Projects.

Rugeley Rotary Club's own International Projects include arranging for partner organisations to fill shoe boxes with essential items for children and adults living in extremely difficult conditions in parts of Eastern Europe. During 2020/2021 we have facilitated over 200 of these boxes.

Our main International Project is called lend with care and the club have a fund of £900 which is lent to entrpeneurs in the developing World to help them sustain and grow their small businesses, and then reinvested upon it's repayment. With this single injection of funds, since 2016 we have made individual loans totalling over £3000 helping communities and creating employment.

We have also made financial contributions to the Rotary Jaipur Limb project. The Rotary Jaipur Limb project is a pro-active fund-raising and project-initiating body of Rotarians, drawn from all over the Rotary International region covering Britain and Ireland. It was formed in 1985 and became a registered charity in 1995. There are 9 trustees, assisted by several co-opted managers, who divide their time between raising awareness of the project among Rotarians in Great Britain and Ireland, identifying appropriate sites for projects, principally in India and Africa, and assisting in the preparation of programmes, budgets and financing for those projects. The bulk of their work in India revolves around Limb camps, with as many as 3000 patients turning up for help, but in Africa and other countries outside India they establish new permanent centres and provide on-going support for them by way of technician training, materials and equipment.

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