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The Rotary Club of Rugeley is part of the international Rotary organisation.  One of the key the aims of Rotary is to work for peace and goodwill worldwide.  Rotary Foundation focuses on this particular aim.

So how does it do this?

Polio Plus   

Over the past 25 years Rotary International has been working with the World Health Organisation to elimiate polio.  Rotary has raised literally millions of pounds and helped to immunise hundreds of millions of children.  Today, the world is almost rid of the disease.

With substantial support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, polio plus continues to operate in those countries where the illness is still prevalent to work towards the day when it has been elimiated completely.

More information can be found on the work of Rotary International to eradicate polio here

Educational Programmes

There are a range of educational programmes which aim to further international understanding.  These include Ambassadorial Scholarships, Grants, Rotary Centres for International Studies and Group Study Exchange.

Want to know more?

Come to one of our club meetings and talk to us about Rotary  Foundation.

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