This Support Group works jointly to manage and fund our projects overseas and commitment to Rotary's worldwide charity , The Rotary Foundation in its 38-year long global campaign to END POLIO NOW, having invested over USD $ 1.5 bn.




                       2023-24 CO-ORDINATOR -  PETER ARNOTT


TEAM :   Alan Carter : David Flint : Murray Hallam :   Keith Rogers : Keith Blackman : Peter Arnott : Gavin Clark: Richard Moulder: Val Leivers

                               MISSION STATEMENT



ROTARY AMBER VALLEY'S  INTERNATIONAL SERVICE AIMS are to both fund and provide practical assistance in those parts of the globe which suffer deprivation in terms of DISEASE, HUNGER , CLEAN WATER/SANITATION, EDUCATION. SIGHT, SOUND & MOBILITY & many other issues

It also provides RAPID RESPONSE DISASTER RELIEF Independently & in partnership with world wide agencies such as Rotary's own SHELTERBOX - AQUABOX & WATER SURVIVAL BOX together with other initiatives, provides aid and assistance when called upon, both in conflict zones & wherever the devastating force of nature strikes

It assists in the provision of CLEAN WATER/SANITATION  & FOOD in underdeveloped and  impoverished parts of the world alleviating & preventing  DEATH, DISEASE & HUNGER                                                                                                                                                                       
It supports Rotary's worldwide  LITERACY & EDUCATION  initiatives advancing development in countries of the developing world and sustaining  a life above the poverty threshold

                        THE ROTARY FOUNDATION





A:  THE ROTARY FOUNDATION (TRF) is a not-for-profit corporation that supports the efforts of ROTARY INTERNATIONAL to achieve world understanding and peace through international humanitarian, educational, and cultural exchange programmes. It is supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.

TRF celebrated its centenary year in 2017-18 having been created in 1917 by ROTARY’S   sixth president, Arch C. Klumph, as an endowment fund for ROTARY "to do good in the world." It has grown from an initial contribution of just US $26.50  to more than US $55 million!! and is one of the largest and most prestigious international humanitarian educational and fellowship exchange programmes in the world.

ROTARY AMBER VALLEY supports the ROTARY FOUNDATION by contributing both to the TRF ANNUAL GIVING PROGRAMME and by raising additional funds through a range of events throughout the year. 

It also funds TRF projects both close to home and abroad which in addition to the  money it raises locally can qualify for a matched grant from the TRF World Fund

In 1985 ROTARY mobilized its members both in UK and worldwide in it  POLIO PLUS CAMPAIGN to eradicate the disease from the planet by ensuring children across the globe could be immunized against this crippling disease. Prior to 1985 over 350,000 in more than 125 countries were struck annually by the polio virus.

Subsequently  ROTARY mobilized  with the WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION – UNICEF  - US CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL  & the BILL & MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION  becoming one of five ‘spearhead partners’ forming the  POLIO ERADICATION INITIATIVE .

Since then the ‘partners’ have vaccinated  more than 2 BILLION CHILDREN and have been able to declare over 200 countries, territories and areas of the world as ‘POLIO FREE’ ! ,whilst at the same time providing strong ongoing surveillance and education despite the poor infrastructure, extreme poverty and civil strife in many of the countries.

By 2023,CONTRIBUTIONS AND PLEDGES TO POLIO ERADICATION from the 5  ‘partners’ plus G7, OECD & other governments (inc.UK) and private / multilateral sector donors  HAVE REACHED OVER US$ 14.35 BILLION with ROTARY’s own “END POLIO NOW”campaign nominated for the NOBEL PEACE PRIZE ,‘sitting at the top’ HAVING DONATED OVER US$ 1.52 BILLION , a figure exceeded only by the US Government and the Gates Foundation!

This massive effort  means that whilst in1985 there were over 350,000 cases  annually in over 200  countries, today in 2023 WE’RE  “ALMOST THERE” WITH JUST  5 CASES REPORTED this year  and the disease NOW  ENDEMIC IN ONLY 2 COUNTRIES -  Afghanistan & Pakistan













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Working both 'hands -on' and/or by the provision of financial assistance this group works across the Borough of Amber Valley and further afield helping and supporting local voluntary and youth activities plus individuals with identified needs

Example of special playground equipent at the new Alfreton Park School funded by Rotary Amber Valley and corporate sponsors

The aim of this group is to develop joint working relationships with partners in commerce and industry brokering opportunities to involve in Corporate Social Responsibility projects through Rotary's Business Partnership Initiative


This Support Group works jointly to manage and fund our projects overseas and commitment to Rotary's worldwide charity , The Rotary Foundation in its 38-year long global campaign to END POLIO NOW, having invested over USD $ 1.5 bn.