Club Membership Committee

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Membership Committee

Our Club Membership committee is chaired by the clubs Vice President (President Elect). We focus on all matters concerning membership within the club. Our primary aim is retention and recruitment with the emphasis on retention by ensuring that the club has a good balance of fun and fellowship as well as the service element of Rotary.  In this respect we monitor all the clubs activities feeding back to our club Council ideas and suggestions as to how the health of the club can be maintained or improved.

The suitability of our meeting venue is crucial to the well being of the club and although food is not all it is important that we get quality and value for money. Our current venue works well providing a perfect setting for members to meet and socialise prior to and following meetings.

To survive we need to constantly recruit new members and we continually explore new ways of attracting prospective members to come along to one of our meetings and see what we do. Rotary membership is by invitation and following a number of visits, and prior to joining, a prospective candidate will be invited to and Information meeting where they are fully appraised of Rotary, its benefits, obligations, costs, etc.

Come along and visit us some time or contact us for more information.