Sonia in Sri Lanka !

Rotarian Sonia Allen volunteers to work with the Tea Leaf Trust in Sri Lanka

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Sonia may have only joined us in May 2011 but she is already paving the way for our International Service.  For 7 weeks during July and August she is working as a self-funding volunteer to work with the Tea Leaf Trust to teach young Sri Lankan adults and teachers how to work in their communities to improve the lives of tea pickers.

Through the attached pages read about how Sonia came to volunteer , who the Tea Leaf Tust are and how she will be helping.  We are in contact with her whilst she is in Sri Lanka and will publish news of her experiences so check back regularly !

Sonia in Sri Lanka ! sub-pages:

Sonia's story

more How an experience provided by Rotary some years ago changed one person's life

The Tea Leaf Trust

more Details of the work of the Tea Leaf Trsut

Lesson 1 from Sri Lanka

more Sonia's first missive from the Tea Plantation

Lesson 2 from Sri Lanka

more Continuing the story from Sonia ....

Sri Lanka Experience, Lesson 3


Lesson 4 - The 3 Rs

more Reduce, re-use and recycle

Lesson 5 How lucky we are


Lesson 6 - the mission comes to an end

more lesson 6 poverty and business as usual!

Sonia is home

more Following her successful trip to help the Tealeaf Trust in Sri Lanka - sonia is now back.

Sonia returns to Sri Lanka to WOW them!

more Sonia has returned to Sri Lanka to carry out a very special project.