Christmas Float

A Brief History of Bognor Hotham Rotary Club's Christmas Float...

Christmas Float Roads - December 2023

Downview Road, Felpham – Sunday 3rd December (16:30-19:30)

Downview Road, Drygrounds Lane, George IV Walk, Glynde Crescent, Haywards Close, Binstead Avenue, Outerwyke Road, Whitelands, Lindsey Court, Golf Links Road, Stalham Way, Wroxham Way, Walsham Close, Ormesby Crescent, Somerton Green, Goodland Avenue.

Rose Green, Aldwick – Monday 4th December (17:45-20:00)

Old Place, Cherry Close, St Richards Way, Cedar Drive, Birch Close, St Richards

Drive, Robins Drive, Sefton Ave, Parkfield Ave, Aigburth Ave, Rose Green Road,

Hewarts Lane, Pinehurst Park, Rushbridge Close, Copthorne Way, Westminster

Drive, Ely Gardens, Wells Crescent, Tyne Way, Coventry Close, Wakefield Way,

South Walk, Truro Crescent, The Spinney, Rochester Way, Oak Mews,

Aldwick East - Wednesday 6th December (17:45-20:00)

Alborough Way, Hamilton Gardens, Seacroft Way, Larchfield Close, Grangewood

Drive, Chevely Gardens, Barrack Lane, Alexander Close, Ludlow Close, Sterling

Way, Edinburgh Close, Balmoral Close, Follett Close, Craigweil Lane, Marquis Way,

Waters Edge, Lodge Court, Grange Court, Garden Court, Lucerne Court, The Lawn.

Flansham Park – Thursday 7th December (17:45-20:00)

Flansham Park, Chaucer Way, Burns Gardens, Byron Close, Compton Drive, The

Hartings, Alfriston Close, Fittleworth Drive, Uppark Way, Findon Drive, Pulborough

Way, Ditchfield Close, Henfield Way.

Roundle Estate, Felpham – Friday 8th December (17:45-20:00)

Roundle Road, Wyke Lane North, Lionel Avenue, Roundle Avenue, Roundle Square

Road, Northwyke Road, Firs Avenue, Outerwyke Road, Thirlemere Road, Ambleside

Close, Westmorland Drive, Ullswater Grove, Bala Crescent, Summerley Lane,

Overdown Road, Ley Road, Felpham Way.

Co-op Pagham – Saturday 9th December (10:00-16:00)

Collyer Avenue/Newtown – Sunday 10th December (16:45-19:30)

Collyer Avenue, Wadhurst Close, Hampshire Avenue, Gravits Lane, Kenilworth

Road, Pevensey Road, Frith Road, Westloats Lane, Westloats Gardens, Greencourt

Drive, Norben Avenue, South Way, Central Avenue, Newtown Avenue, Hatherleigh

Gardens, Hatherleigh Close, Arnhem Road, Mons Avenue, Hawthorn Road.

Middleton West - Monday 11th December (17:45-20:00)

Guernsey Farm Lane, Avon Close, Priestly Way, Wordsworth Gardens, Montgomery

Drive, Templars Close, Kynon Gardens, Baldwin Close, Merlin Way, Kilwich

Close,Moraunt Drive, Marlowe close, Aspen Way, White Beam, Friary Close, Maple

Close, Ilex Way, Yapton Road, Silver Birch, Alder Way, Juniper Close, Moraunt

Drive, Saint-Wood Close, Lilac Close.

Aldwick Felds – Tuesday 12th December (17:15-20:00)

Bedenscroft, Aldwick Felds,Densihale,Thrusloes, Rucrofts Close, Gilwynes, Trendle

Green, Blakemyle, Curlescroft, Kenleigh, Hechle Wood, Leecroft, Tinghall, Little

Babsham, The Hop Garden, Stanbrook Close.

Glenwood Avenue, Bognor – Wednesday 13th December (17:45-20:00)

Hook Lane, Madeira Avenue, Northcliffe Road, Hotham Gardens, Macklin Road,

Brooksmead, Moors Lane, Elmwood Avenue, Westway, Glenway, Glenwood.

Aldwick West – Thursday 14th December (17:45-20:00)

Willowhale Avenue, Fernhurst Gardens, Boxgrove Gardens, Halnaker Gardens,

Tangmere Gardens, Elbridge Crescent, Valentines Gardens, Bell Court, Bucknor

Close, Miklam Close, Stoney Style Close, The Clevitts, Pryors Lane, Heston Grove,

Langley Grove, Haydon Close, Alperton Close, Sudbury Close, Ruislip Gardens,

Inglewood Drive, Singleton Close, Nyetimber Lane, Cottage Close, Blondell Drive,

Stapleton Close.

Runcton Farm - Saturday 16th December (09:00-15:00)

North Bersted – Saturday 16th December (17:30-20:00)

Durlstone Drive, Hazel Drive, Bergestede, Shearwater Drive, Osprey Gardens,

Stoneage Close, Rowan Way, Adison Way, Woodlands Road, Finch Gardens,

Ravens Way, Cygnet Walk, Hawks Place, Van Gogh Place, Wren Crescent,

Moorhen Way, Manet Square.

Tesco Supermarket Shripney Road – Sunday 17th December (10:00-15:30)

Blakes Mead – Sunday 17th December (16:30-19:30)

Wishfield Drive, Fourteen Acre, Blackthorn Avenue, Broomfield Way, Meaden Way,

Stanhorn Grove, (exact route TBA).

Bersted Park (South) – Thursday 21st December (17:30-20:00)

The Boulevard, Sonning Crescent (north), (return to) Voysey Way, Mackintosh Drive,

Letchworth Close, Kelmscott Way, Mackintosh Drive (NE), Guild Way, Sonning

Crescent (SE), Lethaby Road south then north (inc Morris Square), Liberty Gardens,

Ruskin Avenue, (inc. Shaw Gardens, Edwin Close) Ashbee Gardens, Deanery


Jordans Butchers (Rose Green) – Friday 23rd December (07:00-12:00)

Jordans Butchers (Rose Green) – Friday 24th December (07:00-12:00)

Unfortunately, events are dependent on situations outside our control such as adverse weather, manning levels and government guidelines.

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