Why Join Monmouth Rotary ?

Rotarians are people of action, not only involved in the Club, but also in many other areas of of Community. Here is a small sample of the the things we are passionate about.

If you would like to find out more then please contact Debra Lake via the form below or email to membership@monmouth.Rotary1100.org

Some of our stories are below

Jacqui Skone

The reason I joined Rotary was because I believe in power through unity. I was teaching in a socially deprived area and although I tried to get involved and help the youngsters I felt I wasn't making much of a difference in the community. Whereas, together in Rotary we can make a much bigger difference both locally and worldwide.

Peter Davey

I joined to meet people locally but, in addition, Rotary has provided many unexpected opportunities for Sandra & I. As a result of joining we have met a great group of local people and enjoy our local club activities but have also taken part in interesting Rotary activity all over Great Britain & Ireland and several other countries. We have met some terrific people, learnt a great deal and been able to practice new skills . All far beyond our expectations when I joined. Within a truly world wide organisation like Rotary so many opportunities are there to be taken if you wish.

David Forbes

I was introduced to Rotary over 20 years ago when I lived and worked in Banchory, Scotland. I was invited to join and I was keen to be able to put something back into the town that had supported me in business since 1972. I enjoyed the fellowship and the great sense of achievement in belonging to Rotary.

When I moved to Monmouth some years ago, I joined the Monmouth club. It is a very active club and all members in the club participate to some extent in our events which we can proudly say raises an amazing amount of money each year for both local and international charities.

Pete Walters

I joined Rotary many years ago partly to Business network as well as to take part in activities that were fun and would benefit others in the community.

Have enjoyed using my skills to continue putting something back in society and, now it is a smaller area, have made no end of contacts and friends in all walks of life, as has my wife.

Regular contact with fellow members pursuing like minded activities has generated great banter and considerable satisfaction from helping others "

Norman Williams

I was introduced to Rotary by a friend over 10 years ago. Initially I attended a number of weekly meetings to see what it was all about. I was already enjoying assisting with several voluntary organisations, but soon realised that Rotary offered additional opportunities to help those less fortunate than myself. Monmouth is a mixed gender club. I was welcomed as a member and very much appreciated the informality of Club and the opportunity to get involved in fund raising projects.

Bob Handley - Modern Slavery

I joined Rotary a few years after moving to the Monmouth Area working from home and having few local contacts. I also wanted to make a contribution to the local community. I found in Monmouth an active club involved in many aspects of the town and its surrounding area.

As well as Rotary activities I volunteer each week as an advisor with the local Citizens Advice office and assist  the monthly litter pick organised by the Monmoth Litter Group. Currently I am also very concerned about Modern Slavery and organising an event in Bristol for 2021 publicising the issue.