Community & Vocational Service

The Chair of the Community & Vocational Service Committee is Rtn John Wilson Contact:

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Being re-active to needs:

Our committee consider all approaches from individuals or from charitable organisations where investment of our money or our time can make a difference.

In many cases we will be made aware by speakers at our club meetings or by requests and referrals from third parties.

Upon receipt of any applications, we investigate the probity of applications by sharing them with all members for their initial response prior to making any formal proposal.

We also support existing collections for both specific local and core Rotary causes such as Harbour, North Devon Foodbank, Diabetes UK, End Polio Now etc.

For the many individuals applying for funding, we encourage them to take advantage of the North Devon Megadraw raffle, where they keep all of the money for their ticket sales.

Providing pro-active support:

We identify and research needy local causes where our involvement can make a difference such as Wings South West in Bideford who provide support, training and mentoring to give young people a future and hope.

Rotas duties to be allocated NOT rely solely on usual volunteers

Identify and research needy local causes where our involvement can make a difference such as Nightstop or Wings

Actively promote working with other Rotary clubs where greater impact can be achieved through collaboration such as the Nightspot youth homeless project that involved all 13 clubs across North Devon.

Investigate activities where we can make use of our time and vocations to improve lives.


Given the increased challenges of raising funds, we provide rigour in reviewing all requests but only make proposals to the club where we can clearly prove that funds are going to benefit those most in need. 

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