Visit to Lee Abbey, January 2008.


Chris Edmondson arranged another magical evening for us at Lee Abbey this week. On arrival we were treated to a wonderful selection of tasty appetisers (crab on chicory leaves, mini cones of fish & chips!) along with a warm welcome from Chris, wife Susan and the Lee Abbey team.

There quickly followed a brief tour of the latest developments then back to the invitingly laid out Beacon restaurant where we were served a first class meal. Each table enjoyed the company of a couple of staff members who could give us more detail about the goings on at the Abbey, it was easy to see how passionate they all were about the place.

Next we were entertained in fine style with some fine group singing, an excellent mime performance (think Pat Withecombe hovering over a box of delicious chocolates!), poi (Maori style ribbon twirling) and a fun film showing a typical day at the Abbey.

Although it was getting late there was no rush to leave, a sure sign of a first class evening. It was foul weather for the journey home, I hope everybody missed the goats wandering along the Valley of Rocks!

As we've previously visited during the winter months members may like to make a note of the Open Day on 1st June where we are all welcome to explore the Abbey's lovely setting in its full glory (check out some of the attached photos taken from the Lee Abbey website).