Rotary in Brazil


Members from two North Devon Rotary Clubs have been on a fact finding mission to Brazil.

John Rendle, John Lain and Malcolm Davis from the Braunton Rotary Club were joined by Alan Curtis and Tony Freeman from the Barnstaple Link Rotary Club on a visit to Joao Pessoa, Paraiba in Brazil to explore the possiblities of establishing a young soccer player exchange with the Rotary Club of Joao Pessoa to compete in Braunton's annual youth soccer festival.

The links have been made possible through John Curtis, a North Devonian who has moved to Brazil and set up an estate agent business in the town. After liaising with John Lain, a regular visitor to the region. Contact was made with the Brazilian Rotary Club who have become very excited by the prospect, to such an extent that they have elected one of their members,Alexandre Rezende as a coordinater to move the project forward . Following the fact-finding mission, the local North Devon Rotary Clubs are exploring the best way forward to make a lasting sporting twinning that might see the development of another Beckham or Pele in the future.