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Ted and his Foundation Committee certainly came up with a winner with this year's Race Night at the Barnstaple Rugby Club. Almost £1000 was raised from an exciting evening of racing coupled with a fabulous spread of food (our head chef Martin got his just reward by owning 2 of the 8 winning horses!)


Only £1 a go - Sue Smith enters the sweepstake Race 1 - Martin Chamberlain gets the first £50 pay-out from Barnstaple Rugby Club chairman Martin Mogford Race 2 - One of Ted's guests is delighted to collect her winnings from President Grahame Race 3 - Martin Chamberlain gets another £50(!!) from Inner Wheel President Heike O'Neill Race 4 - Bill Pratt gets the lolly for his winner from PDG Les Holman Race 5 - Les Holman is next on the receiving end from Ilfracombe President Elect Tony Seymour Race 6 - President Grahame receives his £50 from our GSE team member Ann Wilson Race 7 - Richard Beer gets his winnings from Ilfracombe President Paul Yabsley Race 8 - The Tote team syndicate get their pay-out from Barnstaple President Carole Roberts Richard Smith presents a happy Gail Willcox with her £60 sweepstake winnings "Sticky toffee pudding's great" says Carole Dart enjoying her 3rd dessert!

Waiting for the off - an eager crowd of race-goers anticipate a fun evening!

Well was it a good Race Night? - We've cleaned up said Sarah Wade!

What's Up Doc - disgruntled race fans can't believe how the fancied Rabbit Pie lost in the last race!