Recent Speakers

Recent speakers

Recent speakers    

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by Carol Plant

The Ghana Outlook Charity by Richard Galliford MBE

The Trade Aid Charity by Rotarian Alan Geeson PHF

Remembrance Day Presentation by John Lockwood and Ian James

Rotary Superjam Tea Parties by Teresa Jackson and Kathy Markwick

The Role of High Sheriff by Rotarian Barry Eldred DL

Nicola Bowie participating in "Cycle India"

The Broomhead Air Crash report by Tony Murray

What did you do in the Cold War Daddy - Presentation by Rotarian David Piggin PHF

Animal Management by Kayti Sales

You can laugh after by Rotarian Norman Jones PHF

Nightclub Life over forty years ago by John Atkinson

Some Experiences at the Bar by John Brennan PHF

Disability Sport and Rotary by Stephen Woodcock PHF

On being a playwright by Martin James

Life in Romania today by Revd Josif Grosu

My experiences in Rugby to date by Ben Thaler

The Royal British Legion by Rotarian John Lockwood PHF

Money Laundering - Rotarian John Lockwood PHF

Dementia Care - Sheila Wainwright & Charlotte Willoughby

Gillian and Sabrina Archibold - KIDZAWARE Charity

Leanne Owen's K977 Challenge

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards by Gill Poole PHF

The "Beat Autism" Charity by Sharan Firth

The activities of the Local RSPCA by Sally Balmforth.

Rotarian John Lockwood - HMS Aubretia and the Enigma Machine

The Purple Community Fund by Alan Drewitt PHF

The Fallen Men of Altofts by Howard Roberts

My Vocation - by Revd. Andrew Longshaw

Stephen Woodcock - Updating us on ShelterBox activities

Presentation by Jono Lancaster of the "Love Me Love My Face" Foundation

Treatment of Domestic Waste - by Jade Wilkes

Helen Knowles- Fundraising for the Wakefield Hospice

The Woodland Trust by Roger Parkinson BEM

Christians Against Poverty - Michael Reed 

Rotarian John Lockwood - Re-visiting the Club's 50th. Anniversary

Paul Pickett's Cycling Task

My Wife's friend Gill and  Sir Martin Frobisher by John Brennan

Our Prize Possessions Valued by John Walsh

The Normanton Foodbank by Rotarian Robert Burgess

Woodworking by Rotarian Michael Horgan

Three People Sharing One Name - by David Piggin

Bill Henderson - A funny thing happened on the way to the Police Station.

Experiences with the Wheelchair Foundation by Alan Drewitt

The Life of Henry Tandey VC DCM MM by Derek Searby CBE TD

2400 Miles in a Tank from Scarborough to Berlin

The Devastating NOMA Virus

The Rt. Revd. Tony Robinson - My journey to the Bishopric of Wakefield

David Kaye - The Achievements of PhysioNet

Brian Michie - Fire protection of Structural Steel

Steven Hudson - Community First Resonders

Bill Henderson - Ramblings of a Policeman

Participation in RYLA at Hebden Bridge by Elisha Bagg

Presentation by Carl Palay from the SpeakwithIT charity

Nuclear Submarine Patrols by Commander Paul Blythe

100 Years of The Challenge Cup by Ken Rollin

The Preceptory of Newland by John Goodchild

Rev. Ray Biddiss - The Rocket Hearse

Robert Lockwood - Mishaps in Civil Engineering

Leanne Owen - Parkinson's Awareness

Police Dog Handling - Presentation by Andy Brown

Wakefield Library Services. Presentation by Lynne Holroyd and Dawn Bartram

The Yorkshire Air Ambulance-Presentation by Tracy Gregory

The Wheelchair Foundation an update by PDG Milton Frary

The Presentation by Pam Kirk to British Legion Branch Presidents

Changing Lives of People with Albinism

Robert Ruffler - School in a Bag

Talk by Brian Skidmore - Rotary Alumni

British Polio Fellowship - Talk by Janet Taylor

Whiteknights Yorkshire Blood Bikes

Peter Arnold - Pieroth Wines

Brian Skidmore - The Yorkshire School In Sri Lanka

Speaker Rev'd Phil Maries - The Role of a Prison Chaplain.

Sheila Elsey - The Philippines Community Fund.

Photographers at War - Stuart Clark

Safe Anchor Trust- Presentation by Nigel Thorpe.

Dr Arthur D. Mone - Sports Medicine

Ann Moran - The Role of Neighbourhood Co-ordinator & Engagement Officer

Mike Fox - The Role of Deputy Lord Lieutenant

Pam Kirk - My Poppy Journey

Visit of District Governor - Hazel Haas

Tracy Foster - "My Burns Club" leader. Pinderfields Hospital

Pinderfields Childrens Paediatric Unit - Christine Millward

Geoff Tulley - Downs Syndrome

Dr John Philip- UKEREWE PROJECT- Update 

Jane Kettlewell-Leeds City Credit Union

The Auctioneering Trade by John Walsh

Restorative Justice - The Margaret Carey Foundation.

Rotarian John Lockwood - The Royal British Legion

"The Barracks" - by Jerry Delaney. Colonel TA

Sermon in Song. by American Rotarian Norman Jones.

TRAIL British Columbia, Canada, by Rotarian Melissa Ganzeveld

Impressions of China by Rotarian Ian James

Personal Estate Planning by John Mumford 

The duties of a Mayor by Rotarian Keith Wilson 

Refereeing in the RFL by Ben Thaler 

Disabled But Still Able.- Presentation by Kayleigh Kirkham 

 The Trussell Trust by Matt Cameron 

A Royal Visit To Pontefract By David Lodge 

Talk by Rotarian Les Kirkman West Yorkshire Health & Safety Training


Special Effects on Television by Evan Green-Hughes 

Talk by Sammie Roberts of the Forget Me Not Childrens Hospice

 Wakefield Civic Society by Kevin Trickett

My Bike Ride Around the World by Tom Bruce

Yorkshire Cricket Club by Chief Executive Mark Arthur 

Albinism in Tanzania - Talk by Dr. John Philip

Falconry by Kira Weston

The Saving Of The Inland Waterways For Recreational Use - Rotarian Ian James

Cold Blooded Encounters - Talk by Andy Lovell 

My Career in the Fire Service - Rotarian Mark Allen 

Motor Neurone Disease - By Sue Smith

My Journey to the Paralympics by Elizabeth Wright 

Speaker Ross Bennet of Engaging Education  

Rugby League Cares - by Chris Rostron

Family Support Charity HOMESTART

Talk on the Royal Voluntary Service

Radio Journalism by Andrew Edwards

Talk on the Shelterbox Charity by Rotarian Stephen Ellis 

Admiral Nurses- Speaker Rotarian Sheila Wainwright 

Project Partnership with the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service

My Career - Talk by Rotarian John Brennan LLB

My Early Days in the Constabulary by Rotarian David Piggin. 

Community Awareness Programme presented by Ernest Nibbert 

Action Medical Research.-Talk by Valerie Hogg 

Trade Aid's "Business in a Box" by Rotarian Alan Geeson 

World Child Cancer - Talk by Phil Heath

LIONS in General -  by Ken Wild

SIGHTSAVERS a talk by Margaret & Paul Clarke  

Talk by Jo Lockwood Children with Cancer UK  


  District Membership Seminar Report by Rotarian Robert Burgess 

A Brief History of Our Club by Rotarian John Kappes  

Fracking a presentation by John Lawrence  

Tackling Temper by Dave Downs

Bee-Keeping by Robert Macgregor

Presentation by Rtn. Graham Scott - The Children's Air Ambulance

Presentation by Sally Waters - The WHIZZ KIDZ Charity

Carrying of the Olympic Torch - by Karen Townend

My sixty-three years in the Normanton & Altofts Amateur Dramatics Society by Rotarian John Kappes  

Presentation by Gill Heap of HEARING DOGS FOR THE DEAF  

Talk by District Governor

The Yorkshire Cancer Centre Sheila OShea Appeal Director  

Rotary Young Musician Events Speaker, Rotarian Peter Acaster  

Militaria et al - Talk by David Jackson

Fighting For Every Heartbeat- talk by Dr Mahendra G.Patel PHD  

Presentation by Harvinder Gill - Making West Yorkshire Safer  

Talk by PDG Milton Frary     What Is Rotary

Talk by Mahalia France - Mir       The Stroke Association

Talk by Rotarian Ian Carling - Sand Dams

Talk by David Wood - The Soldiers Charity

Talk by Rotarian John Philip Transforming Lives  

Talk by Sue Crundell Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  

Speaker Tony Walton Fundraising for the Yorkshire Cancer Centre 

Talk by Laura Severn - The ABLE  Project

Talk by Rotarian Jim Martin - Project Ubuntu

Talk by Robert Haigh, District Co-ordinator for ShelterBox 

Falconry and Hawking - Talk by Howard Roberts

The changing face of Normanton - Talk by John Hodgkins

Visit of District Governor Keith Davison

Our Raison D-etre. Talk by Rotarian Brian Skidmore  


Talk on Mental Health in the Community by Dave Hancock  

The Wilf Ward Family Trust - Susan Crundell & Michelle Goodhall

Talk by Rotarian Julia Marshall JP - Polio eradication in India

Talk by Jane Appleton of the Alzheimer's Society

Talk by Rotarian Robert Burgess - Funerals - Myths and Truths

Talk byDavid Nichols - Journalism.

Talk by Solicitor Oliver Cashman - Employment Law

Talk by the Bishop of Wakefield - Shell Guides.

Talk by Rotarian David Mullins - Trading Standards and allied bodies.

Talk  by Ian Clayton - Writer, Broadcaster and Lecturer

Talk by Hayley Sharp - Working with violent prisoners

Talk by Rotarian June Drysdale - LIFE AS A COUNCILLOR

Talk by Kathryn Harness and Andy Reed- HANDELSBANKEN

Talk by Rotarian Lesley Hastings - Rotary Young Citizens Award

Talk by Rotarian Alan Drewitt on the IPUSUKILO SCHOOL PROJECT in Zambia


Talk by Anne Lawton, Head teacher Wakefield Pathways School

Speaker, Rotarian Ken Robertshaws participation in The Dog Sled Challenge  


Speaker, Rotarian Ken Robertshaws participation in The Dog Sled Challenge in aid of the Theodora Childrens Trust charity.    

See separate report - Talk on the "SPEAKABILITY" charity.  

See separate report - Talk on the "Riding for the Disabled Association" 

See Separate Report   -  Talk on the Dr Jackson's  Cancer Charity 

See separate report - Talk by Rtn. Clive Barwell a "SOLLA" adviser 

See separate report - Talk on The Royal National Institute for the Blind 

The "Mystery Speaker" on Wednesday 18th April is unveiled/ 

Report on our " Evening With Mick Morgan" / Annual Sportsman's Dinner 


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John provided us with a well researched, informative and entertaining presentation on money laundering.


John related many stories of humorous experiences he had had over many years of auditing business accounts.


Rotarian Norman Jones from North Fort Myers gave us a very interesting presentation concerning his family ancestry.


John gave us a thoroughly entertaining presentation concerning his experiences in the legal profession over many years.


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