Paul Harris Awards

The start of Rotary and what it means to be a Paul Harris Fellow.

How Rotary Began - The Vision of Paul Harris

On February 23 in 1905, Chicago lawyer Paul P Harris called three friends to a meeting, his vision being to form a club that would encourage fellowship amongst members of the business community, an idea originating from his desire to find the kind of friendly spirit he had known in the villages where he had grown up. Little did the four businessmen know that they had created the first ever Rotary Club

Word of the small club soon spread and other businessmen were invited to join and the name "Rotary" was derived from the early practice of rotating meetings amongst members' offices.

By 1921 the organisation was represented on every continent, and the name Rotary International was adopted in 1922

How you can become a Paul Harris Fellow

The Award was introduced in honour of our Founder; the criteria for being honoured are:

  1. People who have that amount contributed in their name, can be recognised as Paul Harris Fellows for their exceptional service to the community
  2. Donors of US $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund, Polio Plus or an approved Foundation grant

In the UK the Clubs predominantly maximise their contributions to Rotary Foundation rather than making individual donations. Awards are therefore primarily for "Exceptional Service to the Community" as well as major contributions to Club Service.

The Rotary Club of Baldock is proud to have 18 serving members who currently hold this prestigious award all as a result of giving exceptional service to the Community and the Club

Current Rotarians that are Paul Harris Fellows


  • Malcolm Bage - 2011/12
  • Ray Bethell - 2014/15
  • William Bennett - 2009/10
  • Albert Biggs - 2003/04 & 2013/14 One Sapphire. Honorary Member
  • Brian Doyle - 2013/14
  • Alan Evens - 1999/00 Honorary Member
  • Eric Gent - 2003/04 Honorary Member
  • Chris Gomm - 2011/12 Chris is not a Rotarian but his work in the community is outstanding and has been recognised by the Club
  • Rob Hemmings - 2013/14
  • Keith Britter - 2014/15
  • Michael Muir - 2009/10
  • Chris Parker
  • Hamid Sabahipour - 2010/11
  • John Street - 2003/04 & 2014/15 One Sapphire
  • John Tydeman - 2012/13
  • John Wright - 2012/13
  • Andrew Smith
  • John Hammond 2015/16
  • Graham Tapp 2015/16 - Graham is not a Rotarian but he has done a huge amount for the community
  • Michael Williams 2016/17
  • Janet Hammond 2016/17- Janet is not a Rotarian but has done a lot for the Club and for the Baldock community
  • Paul Luckett 2018/19
  • Svend Jensen 2019/20
  • Ray Smith 2019/20

The decision to make an award is taken by the PHF Secretary in conjunction with the current President, the Immediate Past President and the President Elect. 

Latest Awards 2018/19 - Paul Luckett




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