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Medway Sunlight Rotary has been trying to help Cameron who has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy get settled in a new house to aid his mobility issues.

Cam's new wet room

Rob and Lisa Edmonds, parents of 11 year old Cameron, who has a severe muscle wasting condition, bought a bungalow in Gravesend in October 2010 and have been desperately trying to renovate the property ever since.

Cameron, who is fondly known as Cam, has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a serious and rare genetic disorder that causes progressive muscle loss, and he is not expected to live much past his 21st birthday.

But time hasn't been on the Edmonds' family side.  Cam is deteriorating fast, and can now barely walk.  To get up the stairs in his old house in Chatham at night, he had to crawl unless Rob gave him a piggy back, which wasn't always possible, as Rob has a slipped disc.

The family has done all they can on their own but with Rob, Cam's dad, juggling such a mammoth DIY task; working round the clock to fund the project and suffering from a bad back, progress has been slow.

With the aid of help from many sources though Cam finally moved in to his new home towards the end of April and already his mum has seen a dramatic change in how Cam is - he no longer has to manage the stairs, can have a shower, get to school easier and loves going out and about with his mum and dad.

But there is still so much more to do to finish the bungalow and to complete the sale of their own property and we will be lending a hand.  For more details look at the pages under this topic and also visit Cam's facebook page


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