2012 Programme Report to Club Assembly

Tue 12th June 2012

Convenor Ian Grieve's Report to Club Assembly

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Assistant District Governor, President Alan, President Elect Robert and fellow Rotarians firstly my apologies for not being here in person due to a very long standing family engagement.

I have asked Ed Scott to deputise for me and he has kindly agreed to deliver the proposed programme for next year on my and the committees behalf.

Away back in December I was asked by President Elect Robert if I would look after the programme during his year this was after a couple or maybe more glasses of wine and I agreed.

During March Robert dropped me a note with his thoughts and the ideas that he wanted to combine, Fellowship, Entertainment and Sport in the remit as together they form the main weekly programme for the club`s year. Robert thankfully also allotted me a very strong supporting committee, Ed Scott, Dave Riddell, Greig Hill, Ewan Archibald and Roger Templeton, so how could I refuse. 

As everyone knows the weekly programme is essentially the hub of the club that I am sure that you would all agree is going through a testing time at the moment although essentially I believe that it has a very strong heart. To that end the fore mentioned committee met on 2nd April to plot the way ahead. What we decided was to try and assemble a programme that will not make it easy for members to apologise for their absence but to encourage them to make Tuesday nights a fixture in their diaries. We have been very lucky over the years to have a good and varied programme of speakers and sporting, social, fellowship and entertainment opportunities run by separate committees, but this incoming year it will be one committee covering everything. We want to be Up and Running on 1st July.

Firstly we want to make Rotary interesting and fun and less expensive, we want to try and give a wide and varied programme of speakers (suggestions welcome) with fewer speakers from charities. We would like to minimise the costs of all the various social and entertainment events and to ensure that the golf competitions are completed within the Presidents year (a first I think if we can manage that)

Weekly Speakers: The programme is already well under way for next year Andrew Gillies who has done a sterling job these last two years, as is the custom will cover July and this year`s team start off in August with a very topical speaker about the Titanic in its centenary year, shortly after that we will have speakers on Norwegian War Stories, Acupuncture, Tom Morris The Golfer, Scatter Day where3/4 from West Fife will visit all six Fife Tuesday clubs on the same day and an outside visit to The Forth Replacement Crossing to whet your appetite. Other potential speakers could be a military, political, business, investment/financial services, information technology and suitable speakers for two Ladies Nights. The whole team is involved in arranging speakers. We are also looking at the potential for a number of outside visits Rosslyn Chapel, Distillery/Brewery, Edinburgh Airport. Communication being so important it is planned to issue by email the speaker and event list monthly in advance rather than the current three monthly.

Gavel Challenge: Greig Hill will look after this building on his past experience and we will take it more seriously, to that end Greig is going with the council`s approval to source a number of new indoor games.

Golf: Ed Scott will look after this, both the two club competitions and any District competitions. The club knock out it is planned to have the first two rounds played by end of October and the final rounds impleted by mid- June next year. If ties are not played by the due dates the first named will go forward. The Taffy Weir Stapleford will be played on a date during May to Mid- June next year.

Entertainment/ Social: All the committee will be involved with this, we are looking at the following.
Weekend Away: Self catering
Theatre night: hopefully in Dunfermline
Day at the Races
Jazz Night: Edinburgh Festival
Football/Rugby Lunch lunch game- International Rugby match. These would be held either at McKane or East End Park
Walk: Continuation of Fife Coastal path or somewhere around Dollar
Wine Tasting: Ken Mackay has already agreed to run this, social not fund raising.
Wine & Cheese- Possibly in Town House
Skittles evening: Real skittles Naval Club or Sheep`s Heid
Pie and Pint night: Local hostelry
Presidential BBQ
Green Bowling Evening: 9th August

The above is just to give you a flavour of how the committee is thinking, some events are already planned. None of the above will be fund raising all purely social and fun and as inexpensive as possible. Clearly further suggestions are welcome they will also be spread out throughout the year. Dave has already volunteered to run two of them I will co-ordinate the overall programme run a couple of events myself and the other committee members will share the burden of the rest. The committee believes that these social and informal events will be great for the fellowship in the club.

The committee as indeed do the members have a broad mix of talents and I am certain that working together we can help Robert and the Council revitalise the club, it is meant to be fun and interesting and if everyone works together our club will be admired and entice both greater participation and new members.

Thank you in anticipation for your support.
Ian Grieve

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