About our Club/ Charter Night and Handover 2012

A special evening with Charter Night, Handovers and the Induction of a new member.

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 A special evening with Charter Night, Handover to new President Barry Seymour,
Handover to Ian Churley, new Chairman for The Rotarians of Kelvedon Harch & Villages,
the Induction of Pam Atkinson as a member of the club ( RKHV)
and Handover to Margaret Meadows, new chair of 'WRINGS'

Held at Ivy Hill Hotel, it was a memorable evening - with a little light music & dancing, followed by a few speeches by outgoing President Peter Phillips and Chairman Duncan Blackie (RKHV), and incoming President barry Seymour and Chairman Ian Churley (RKHV).

President Peter Phillips last task was the pleasant one of carrying out the Induction ceremony for new member, Pam Atkinson.