Membership Activities


Members enjoying themselves clearing up after our Roll the Barrel event on Denbigh High Street on Boxing Day 2011 !

We have currently twenty-nine members who are a cross section of the professional, business and community leaders in Denbigh and the surrounding villages.

Membership of a Rotary club is usually by invitation with a member asking individuals if they are interested in joining us.  Sometimes a person reads about Rotary and the humanitarian projects that are managed by a Rotary club and is interested to find out more information.  A contact made this way may also lead to membership of a club and there are a number of ways in this web site where contact can be made with us.

Once interest is shown, a potential Rotarian will be invited to come along to club meetings to find out everything about how we operate in Denbigh.  If the interest in joining continues, a member of the club  will act as a sponsor and this will eventually lead to an information meeting at which the basic facts about Rotary membership are given.

These basic facts include the cost of Rotary to an individual, the privileges  and the responsibilities of membership, the world-wide network of Rotary clubs and the fun, fellowship and friendship that membership of a Rotary club brings.

If the potential Rotarian is still interested in continuing with the membership process, all the members of the club are consulted and if there are no objections, the potential member will become a member of this club and one of 1.3 million Rotarians in the world. 

Membership Activities sub-pages:

President Brian welcomes our newest member Peter Wykes and shares a joke with him and  proposer John W.

Our Newest Member

more Peter Wykes is welcomed into membership of the Rotary Club of Denbigh

Hywel Watkin is welcomed into Rotary membership by President Dilwyn.  Looking on is Hywel's sponsor Rotarian Gwilym Williams (left)

New member.

more Dr. Hywel Watkin is welcomed into membership of the Rotary Club of Denbigh

Membership Evening May 20th 2014

more Potential Members learn about Rotary in Denbigh

President Elfed welcomes (from the left) Geraint Lloyd, Eric Harrison and Paul O'Brian to the membership awareness evening.

Membership Awareness Meeting

more A Rotary Awareness Evening