Rotary Amber Valley is part of Rotary International which, founded in 1905, is the world's largest voluntary service organisation with around 1.2 million men and women in over 200 countries across the globe providing both rapid disaster relief and sustained aid to wherever there is a need.

 Locally & formed in 1982, Rotary Amber Valley with a team of over 40 men and women living &/or working in the Borough, is just one of over 60 such groups  across the East Midlands & South Yorks. comprising around 1500 active volunteers. 

In addition and equal to its commitment overseas,each group including Rotary Amber Valley provides its own local community with all manner of diverse help, both practical and hands-on as well as financial support to groups, families and individuals in need and where no obvious other funding streams can be identified. Every penny Rotary spends both locally and abroad is raised through public donation and the hard work of its volunteers


Using the 'ladder' menu at the top left of our Homepage, you can find out more about what we do including up to date information as to  when & where we get together ( currently in 2023 half of our activities are via Zoom to which any visitor is welcome)

     TO CONTACT ROTARY AMBER VALLEY  CALL US ON  +44 (0) 7736 168760 or email us at : rotaryav@gmail.com

 If you're  a Rotarian and visiting the area, you'll always be made welcome so please check our programme page or contact us by 'phone / email for further details; if you do decide to give us a visit, click the map link on the right, to get detailed directions on how to find our meeting place.

               INTERESTED  & LIKE WHAT YOU'VE READ? - WHY NOT COME AND JOIN US !                                   Rotary Amber Valley  is always on the look-out for fresh, willing and committed volunteers to join its team so if you are not already a Rotarian and would like to learn more, then please make contact.with us  and we'll be  delighted to provide you with more information and arrange for you to visit us and see what it's all about! It is recognised even more now than ever that being involved with one's local community, helping others and getting enjoyment by so doing is good for our mental health.  




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A History of Rotary Amber Valley

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'What We Do' Main Pages:

Working both 'hands -on' and/or by the provision of financial assistance this group works across the Borough of Amber Valley and further afield helping and supporting local voluntary and youth activities plus individuals with identified needs

Example of special playground equipent at the new Alfreton Park School funded by Rotary Amber Valley and corporate sponsors

The aim of this group is to develop joint working relationships with partners in commerce and industry brokering opportunities to involve in Corporate Social Responsibility projects through Rotary's Business Partnership Initiative


This Support Group works jointly to manage and fund our projects overseas and commitment to Rotary's worldwide charity , The Rotary Foundation in its 38-year long global campaign to END POLIO NOW, having invested over USD $ 1.5 bn.