Projects Supported

Some of the interesting projects that have been supported by the Rotary Club of St Andrews

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Water wells in Cameroon and in Bangladesh

Chariots of Fire charity run on West Sands for 750 runners of all ages

Kids Out for disadvantaged children

Primary School Football

Winter Treat for the elderly and infirm

Student teachers sent to School for Abandoned Girls in India

Rotary Youth Leadership Award

Polio Eradication from the World with hands on vaccination in India

Shelter Box survival tents and equipment for many disaster areas throughout the world

Building a Girls School in Bangladesh

Archlight opthalmoscopes with training to Malawi

Rotary Young Chef and Young Photographer mentoring and awards

Euroscola trip to European Parliment for school pupil

World Affairs Seminar in USA for young people 

Donations to many local charities for disadvantaged people of all ages 

Donations to many different cancer charities

Playground equipment for disabled children in Ukraine

Rotary Young Citizen of the Year winner as awarded by BBC 24hour News

Hosting and mentoring 3rd World students, teachers, librarians and game park wardens

International Fellowship through a golf tournament for over 64 years

Heart Start promotion and support

Christmas lunch and special experience treats for Young Carers

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