PP Ian Grieve goes to Nyumbani

Tue 22nd May 2012

Ian Grieve goes to Kenya, February 2012

Ian Grieve a member of The Rotary Club of West Fife was in a working  party of 12 Rotarians and Friends of Rotary from Scotland  who visited Kenya in February 2012.  The team worked at a sustainable community, Nyumbani, set up  to improve the quality of life for orphan children infected and affected by the HIV pandemic.


The West Fife Rotary Club donated a house in the Nyumbani village 150 miles from Nairobi during Ian`s year as President. Ten orphans looked after by a Granny live in each house. To cement their relationship with West Fife Ian presented them with a picture of Dunfermline Abbey and the Forth Rail Bridge.


Alison Stedman's Report: Nyumbani Team 2012