Details of how to become a Rotarian

There are a number of ways in which you can join a Rotary Club in your area.

  1. You may be asked whether you would be interested in joining a Rotary Club by an existing member of the Club and, if you show an interest you will be invited to attend the Club's regular meetings. The member who introduced you will act as your sponsor both prior to your joining a Club and after you have been inducted.
  2. You can approach your local Club to express an interest in joining, at which point you will be invited along to a meeting to meet the members and learn a little of what we do. If you are still interested in pursuing membership you will be asked to attend a number of meetings so that members can get to know you, and you them. One of the current members will be appointed to act as your sponsor both prior to your joining the Club and after your induction.
  3. You can use the contact form on this page expressing your interest. This goes to the Club Secretary who will either contact you him/herself, or get the Club Membership Chairman to contact you.
  4. You can use the contact form on the District, Rotary in Britain and Ireland (RIBI) or Rotary International (RI) websites, which will be referred to the club nearest to your location.

In the lead up to becoming a member of the Club you will be welcomed at any meeting and encouraged to take part in all the activities that a Club has planned.

It is the job of the sponsor to ensure that the prospective member has a full understanding of how the Club works and what is involved in becoming a Rotarian.

If an application meets with the approval of  the existing Club members, the applicant is inducted into the Club, normally at a regular Club meeting. This is a simple procedure and there are no initiation ceremonies involved. The sponsor will continue to mentor the new member to ensure that their early days of membership run smoothly.

New members can be involved in Club activities as much, or as little, as they wish but it is obviously hoped that every member plays an active part, as this is the only way that you will gain the full benefit of Rotary membership..

Every Club is headed by a Club President, selected from amongst the members of the Club and every member interested in holding this position will be given the opportunity to do so. However, there is no compulsion on any member to take on this role.



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