Environmental/ Tree planting in Addingham

Sat 8th December 2012 at 12.00 am - 12.00 am

Following on from the planting earlier in the year to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee club members again planted trees on behalf of the Forest of Bradford.

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For our second planting of 2012 eleven Rotarians, Adrian Berry and Maciey Biesiada (our sponsored peace scholar) gathered at Lippersley Farm between Addingham and Silsden to plant a 150 metre hedge under the direction of Ian Butterfield of The Forest of Bradford.

The hedge consisted of some 800 whips planted, staked and protected with a plastic sheath and took two and a half hours to complete.

Several members then left to attend sundry sporting events whilst a smaller band remained to plant a copse of some 200 trees and ultimately to retire to The Craven Heifer in Addingham for a well earned drink.

The whole excercise was done in good weather and was very enjoyable and rewarding. Hopefully the roadside position will help us to moniter future progress as the trees develop.

Alan Morrell