Cardiff weekend My 2013

Cardiff Weekend.

A small but perfectly formed group of Rotarian missionaries headed off into the unknown last weekend. We where fortunate to be led by Sir Ranulph Smith, that well known Rotary explorer, along with his faithfull guide Donald, a man from the local tribe who knew their ways and language.

After a minor confrontation between Donald and a white wooly animal wearing welly boots, we crossed the water and arrived at a border control where we had to bribe the locals to be able to pass.

We arrived at a primative settlement known as St Fagans, but most of the local tribe had fled. A charming, but backward place. Feeling confident, we set off for a larger settlement on the coast. To say we were stunned would be an understatement, as it appeared this tribe must have been transported away and then returned by a superior being, as they were tidy well mannered and friendly.

Feeling safe and secure, a number ventured out to explore and partake of nourishment. The food was acceptable and washed down with some strange fruit drink that seemed to affect the speech and balance. Some even found a building that served this liquid. I think it was a Lou Reed establishment. as they all took a walk on the wild side. (google it) Suitably trannysised, they retired to sleep.

The next day was spent on research. On the final day, we found another site known locally as Tredegar House. A fascinating place with alien creatures in the stable hoovering around to the sound of exterminate, exterminate. We decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat across the river and home. Yet another example of Rotary working for the good of humanity.