Water Aid

Water & Sanitation. The photo was taken by one of our members and shows a water collection on Lake Tonle Sap in Cambodia. A group of our members has visited this area twice to inspect projects which we have contributed to.

Water and Sanitation

With a third of the world unable to access improved sanitation and 10% without access to clean water lack of such provision leads to debilitating disease in the worst cases and immense diversion of time and effort, especially by women and girls, in order to obtain water.  Water projects have long been favoured by the District Clubs with major multi club efforts going into the projects in Eshowe in South Africa and more recently the Mali water project.  Both of these projects have been affected by Rotary's move to the Future Vision Programme which designated most of the poorest regions of Africa as Pilot Districts and then restricted the Districts which could support them to only 100

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