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The first report from our team in South Africa

Vocational Training Team ( VTT) Report 1


After just one week the incredible VT Team here in S Africa at Livangeli Primary School in the 'sticks' of Kwa Zulu Natal have:


  • Carried out 36 lesson observations
  • Processed them and summarised them all to give feedback to management
  • Produced individual feedback sheets and action plans for all teachers
  • Supervised 18 classes
  • Met with and briefed the Director for education in Kwa Zulu Natal
  • Met with and briefed the District Governor of Rotary here in S Africa and presented our findings
  • And still managed to squeeze in some time to do circuit training, visit the neighbours and attend an Indian evening event - courtesy of our host Prem.

The second week has got off to a head start with:

  • All 24 teachers receiving their lesson observation feedback in 1:1 meetings
  • Model lessons being delivered to Grade 3 and 4 for English
  • Planning meetings for Grade three teachers
  • Model lessons in Maths to Grade 4 and 5
  • Whole school training on Teaching & Learning styles

And we are only two days into the week!


The team are working phenomenally hard and are incredible together. We have been received well and the majority of teachers are embracing the support. Culturally the teachers are relaxed and almost lethargic in their teaching style and we are seeing changes in some of the staff as they begin to reflect our level of energy and motivation.


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