Air and a Prayer Rally

Air and a Prayer Rally by Rtn Andrew Dawson

Air and a Prayer Rally

Cars and drivers arrived at Canford Arena in the heat of a July morning. A buzz of anticipation and trepidation filled the air as families and friends congregated to wave off the 31 customised cars, all of which had been purchased for less than £300, as they made their  way over the next 48 hours to Loch Lomond.

Each car had raised a minimum of £471, representing the miles between the start and finishing lines and the money was being raised for the local Julia's House.  Day one saw us head to Wigan in blistering heat, which caused some of the cars some issues including one car having to throw water on its brakes every 20 minutes to avoid catching fire!  Thankfully, no such problems for our trusty Mondeo which, complete with sunroof and cassette player, was the epitome of comfort.  All I needed to be aware of was my navigator was asleep for much of the journey!

A night on the Town in Wigan enabled us to share distorted and exaggerated stories of bravado and "legendary" driving skills before the second leg the following day.

Day two saw us "racing" towards Loch Lomond in the "old bangers" we had all now strangely become very attached to.  As the finishing line drew nearer so the accelerator feet became heavier (as well as my navigators eye-lids again!) and competition inevitably reared its head.  Unfortunately, this meant a member of the Strathclyde constabulary pulling me for doing 95 miles per hour.  However, fortunately, the  gentleman in question obviously had a charitable heart and after explaining what we were doing he sent me on my way with nothing more than a flea in my ear!  Phew!

And as we made a way, one by one,  into the grounds of the Cameron House Hotel on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond we were greeted  by a Scots piper to congratulate us on our efforts.  A few beers later to share more exaggerated stories we sat down for dinner where the organisers announced that the group had raised in excess of £43,000 for the charity. 

An excellent event and a marvellous contribution from participators and sponsors alike for what was the largest amount raised on behalf of Julia's House from a single event.

Rtn Andrew Dawson

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