Youth Service

Youth Service

This year we intend to continue to offer all of the Rotary Competitions available to the Young

People of Newtownabbey. The concentration of focus will depend on the declared interest from

the schools. Our main aim will be to generate enthusiasm for the many and varied competitions

that do exist. To that end I will be asking my committee to visit all the schools in the

Newtownabbey area and promote the age relevant competitions.

Young Chef Competition

This is the 6th year we have been involved with this competition and so far it has always been

well supported. As in previous years we will use a local chef to help us make the right selection. If

we get a lot of entries it may be necessary to stage a local competition.

Young Photographer Competition

After a good start, year before last, we only had one entry for this competition last year. With

prior publicity and plenty of information to the schools we expect to improve on this situation for

next year.

Other competitions the club is considering are

Young Musician

Young Writer

Technology Tournament

Youth Leadership/Development Competitions

All schools and colleges in the local community, will be informed of the programme of projects by

writing and by a visit of a committee member. Publicity of the competitions will be in the local press to showcase the work of the young people at a display in the local community.

All schools and colleges, in the local community, will be informed of the programme of projects

available and asked to respond to indicate interest in participation.

Exemplary Awards

Youth Service sub-pages:

Young Chefs at Work

Young Chef Competition

more Secondary level students compete to devise a three course meal for professional chefs.