2013 Club Service Shield

Presentation of the Ken Young - Club Service Shield

Around this time it falls to the outgoing President to consider who perhaps deserves to be presented with awards. Most of you will know that we have the Ken Young, Club Service Shield which is presented annually by the President to the member who in his opinion has served the club well throughout the year.

I have to say that in considering this there were a number of members who came to mind, but as I thought more and looked back over not only the year, but the months which preceded, one name came to the fore.

For example going back to the very beginning of this Rotary year our speakers arranged for the 10th July called off, due to ill health. And so it was with only a few hours notice the member of whom I speak stepped in and gave a talk on, Photography.

Subsequent to this we have had further talks from this same member on such riveting subjects as, the History of the Accordian and Model Railways.  And he has also made a significant contribution as an active member of our Programme Committee.

However this year's recipient is a member who has also been willing to stand-in indeed to step up in other ways. He is always prepared to cover at our reception table and to take on other more demanding tasks like for example, conducting our recent Club Assembly and he does all this with a very willing and in a most acceptable manner.

However apart from all these contributions if that were not enough, when our club was in a most awkward and very difficult situation with no-one to fill the vacant posts of Senior and Junior Vice, Ewan stepped up and offered to take on the role of Junior Vice and the rest as we say well is in this case will be history.

So it gives me very great pleasure to ask Ewan Archibald to come forward and receive from me, on behalf of I'm sure, a grateful club, The Ken Young, Club Service Shield.

President Robert Haig
Tuesday 25th June 2013

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