Public Relations

Team Leader - Keith Unsworth

A reminder that we are all responsible for the image of St Helens Rotary.

We all need to talk more about St Helens Rotary when outside of the club, when attending an event, meeting or other please take some photographs if I am not there, I am sure you are familiar with a picture says a thousand words.

One of Rotary’s strategic goals is to enhance the public’s image of Rotary and its awareness of our service and activities. We hope to increase our membership, expand our community partnerships, improve our fundraising opportunities, and promote involvement in our club projects with our media presence.

Rotary’s public image is shaped by the actions of YOU;

  • Each Member Representing our Rotary Club 
  • Our Club involvement in the community
  • Our presence on the web and social media
  • The Publications we produce.

As far as public image is concerned there is still a great belief that social media is the way forward. However recently we have been getting a lot of tagged items onto our Facebook site, I will speak briefly on the issue.It is important to be where the conversation is.

It is important as a club to be seen by that audience, telling a positive story about what we do.
We help people. It is about making it personal, and we need to remember Rotary is the original social media.

Our website, Twitter and Facebook sites are probably the first port of call for any potential members so the sites are being regularly updated and is immensely easier to navigate and more informative than other clubs websites.



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