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February 2014

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About Focus on the Crocus - 2014

Three years on, we have photographed the Crocii - you can view them in the gallery. Click lhs arrow for 2014 images

Our Rotary club celebrated Rotary Day on 23rd February 2011 after having planted over 5,000 purple crocus bulbs in Autumn 2010 in various locations throughout Ingatestone. We had been in touch with the Parish Council and others to agree these sites. These Purple Flowers represent the colour of ink dabbed on a child's little finger to indicate they have been immunised against polio.
We had hoped the bulbs would be blooming for Rotary Day, but the long winter chilled the progress of the bulbs. They did gradually show through. You would have find our bulbs near the two Ingatestone Signs, at front of Ingleton House in Stock Lane, either side of the path leading to the Parish Church. Also in the triangle at the top of Fryerning Lane.

So these are the locations where the bulbs will re-appear, year after year, as a constant reminder of 'Focus on the Crocus'

See us in action planting and the bulbs in various locations in a photo gallery - and for an updated report

What is
 Thanks for Life?

Thanks to all who supported our worldwide Campaign by donating cash via the Collection boxes in Shadforths Chemists, Patrick Greens, Ingatestone Pet Shop, Gallivant Travel and Hepburns of Shenfield.
The Street Collection on Saturday 26th 2011 was very well supported.[