Youth Camps & Exchange

Youth Camps & Short Term Exchanges are opportunities for young people to see the world and make new friends.

Rotary International Youth Exchange Programme
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Rotary has been organising youth exchanges for over 60 years, providing incredible opportunities for young people to see the world, experience a different way of life, maybe learn another language, make international friends and discover a lot about themselves whilst acting as an ambassador for their own country.

Each year, worldwide, over 7000 young people enjoy the experience of a lifetime through Rotary Youth Exchange. Will this be your year to travel on an amazing voyage of self discovery and change your life forever?

The main programmes are Camps & Tours and Short Term Exchanges.

  • Rotary Camps and Tours : These bring together often quite small groups of young people from all over the world. Normally there will be only 1, or at most 2 from any one country, so they offer an excellent opportunity to find out about other cultures and lifestyles first hand. Camps and Tours are available to all young people, whether or not they are related to a member of Rotary.
  • Rotary's Short Term Exchanges: A great way to learn a little bit more about other countries.. and probably a lot more about yourself! If you are between 15 and 19 years of age then a Rotary arranged exchange is a great opportunity to find out more about other cultures, to develop skills youll use for the rest of your life and to make international friends. 

You and your family host an  exchange partner for 3 weeks or more in your own home. Then you return with your partner to spend a similar time with their family in their home in their country. You tailor your time to make the most of your partners and your own  interests and you will improve your language skills and make lasting friendships. Remember, your parents or guardians dont have to be members of Rotary for you to take part in an exchange.

To learn more about Rotary's Youth Exchange programmes go to the website or check out the Youth Exchange Facebook page

To register your interest in a Camp/Tour or a Short Term Exchange then go to the website

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