Our Environmental Credentials

The Club has a long-term committment to our environment and the various ways in which we can help. This web page will give you an overview of the type of things we do and how they help our community as well as the environment.


The Club's Environmental Commitments


 Silver Award 2014/15

Before work started

Etonbury  Academy 

A representative of the Etonbury Academy Community Hub in Stotfold gave an excellent presentation to our Club about the community work they were involved with. Their project to start an outdoor study area, pig unit, chicken run and Conservation/Pond area. Our Club sponsored part of this work with a donation of £2,500.

On completion

Adopt a Snow Leopard 

Following a very interesting presentation at Club lunch from a representative from the Cat Survival Trust based in Codicote, it was decided that the Club would help by adopting a Snow Leopard for a year. Without actions like this the big cats face extinction.

Bronze Award 2012/13

Christmas Lights

Since 1978 the Baldock Rotary Club have provided and erected all of the Christmas Lights in Baldock. Needless to say the panels take a lot of inclement weather and are frequently in need of repair. In 2012 it was found that nearly half of them were faulty. Instead of spending thousands repairing them we set to and repaired them for a fraction of the cost thus recycling cash for other good causes instead.

Baldock Green Spaces

Some Rotarians regularly work with Baldock Green spaces to maintain Weston Woods and Ivel Springs.  This involves clearing scrub, erecting bird boxes, clearing out saplings so trees do not become overcrowded.  We have also layered hedges to establish impenetrable barriers for boundaries and dry fences using up woodland thinings to establish wildlife habitats for beetles and other insects and birds. 

Baldock Crocus Planting

The purple crocus is the Rotary symbol of our quest to eradicate Polio. To bring this awareness to people thousands of purple crocus bulbs were planted on the verges of Baldock.

Before Rotary decided to try and eradicate Polio there were 125 countries where it was endemic - there are now only 3. Rotary will continue to donate large sums of money to this cause. We cannot and will not fail

 Knights Knights Templar School

Nature Area

In 2007 Baldock Rotary financed a  nature area in Knights Templar school.  Rotarians then helped with digging a small pool and establishing a wild life area.

Great Daffodil Planting

Over a period of 3 -  4 years the Baldock Rotarians purchased and planted daffodils in the autumn around the towns grass verges. Rotarians did the work personally and enlisted schools, scouts, cubs, Beavers and guides to help.

This was a big project involving many trailer loads of bulbs.


The first tree being planted by Baldock Rotary Club President Alan Arnold

Rotary Centenary Wood

In 2005 Baldock Rotarians planted the Rotary Centenary Wood in doing so we celebrated 100 years of Rotary. Access was gained to several acres of the springs at the source of the River Ivel for this. 800 trees (small whips) were planted on the site. Being so small they had to be protected from rabbits and deer grazing. This was done using plastic tree guards which had to be replaced each year as the trees matured. A lot of time was spent keeping the grass and weeds down.The Scouts and Baldock Green Spaces team have helped in this task. 

The display panels showing the layout of the area 



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