Presentation to Thomas Goddard

Presentation to Thomas Goddard for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award.

Presentation to Thomas Goddard
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The Rotary Youth Leadership Awardsmiley                                                                                                                                                                                   The many lessons RYLA have taught me has not only supported my career ambitions, but it has helped me conquer my lack of confidence. Since I experienced great hardship during a family incident that occurred a few years ago, it had been hard for me to feel comfortable with myself. This lack of confidence had been plaguing me for a long time until last week at RYLA. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and for helping me conquer my fears. 


Additionally, as I aspire to work within the Film/Television industry your lessons of confidence, teamwork and communication have become invaluable towards achieving my dreams. Without this course, the wonderful facilitators and life long friends I have made I would not be the same person I am today. On my train journey back last Sunday I found myself to be much more confident and helpful towards those in need of service, which I think highlights ROTARY's motto of "Service above self".      


So I would like to personally thank you, as well as Kevin and all of the facilitators that were there, without you guys I would have not found the courage to be comfortable with who I am. 


Yours Sincerely,


Thomas Goddard