The Mall Project

The Mall Walk was one of the principal projects backed by the Community Fund.

The Official opening of the replaced Cemetery Bridge.

Since as early as 1999 Rotary Club of Thurso has been working to renew the Thurso River Mall walk and to make it assessible for all users including the disabled in wheelchairs. New paths have been made paths have been resurfaced and bridge access inproved.


A major element in this development in recent times has been the replacement of the bridge across the river at the cemetery and its associated steps and ramps and the resurfacing of paths to the Salmon Pool from this bridge. Bridge replacement was necessary due to the complete destruction of the earlier bridge in a particularly period of heavy rain which resulted in tremendous spate in the river.

For a full report on the project and its development scroll below the two pictures.


In 1999 The Rotary Club of Thurso considered that as part of their Community Service programme, attention should be paid to the deterioration of the path system and inadequacy of the facilities provided in the Thurso Riverside walk generally known collectively as the Mall. 

Initially the intention was to identify the areas urgently needing attention and to approach the responsible Bodies concerned to persuade them to effect some improvements and maintenance measures where possible. However, when the scale of the remedial works became apparent it was decided to meet with local Highland Regional Councillors and other concerned organisations to discuss the problems and to agree the initial steps required to improve the Mall and general leisure area.

The meeting took place on October 2000 and present were local HRC Councillors including Caithness Area Convenor John Rosie who chaired the meeting, HRC Officials, Representatives of Thurso Community Council, Traders Associations, Rotarians and Others. 
A proposal document was tabled by The Rotary Club of Thurso for consideration. This document included the formation of new sections of paths where flood damage had taken place and essential repairs to naturally damaged and vandalised areas of the path system all lying to the West bank of the Thurso River. The document provided a comprehensive description of the Works including drawings, specifications and estimated costings prepared by Architect and Civil Engineer members of The Rotary Club. 

Resulting out of the deliberations which took place at the meeting, and thereafter, it was decided to proceed with the new paths and relevant repairs and, most importantly, funding for the project became available from Highland Regional budgets with direct control for the contract placed with Mr A Sutherland, Footpaths Officer, HRC. The Rotary Club contribution, in addition to the provision of contract documents, included on site supervision and the overall cost of The Rotary Club involvement was calculated financially at

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The Official opening of the replaced Cemetery Bridge.

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