Use the help pages to make the most of the new club website template .

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Help Pages

Please explore the related pages listed in the right hand column (in mobile devices they may appear below). Hopefully, they will help you avoid some common mistakes and help you make some of the adjustments that may be necessary to get the best results from the new template. 

There is a useful Index of the help pages HERE  

If I have a problem and need help, what do I do?

  • Look through the help pages on this demo site.
  • Check to see if a tutorial/video is available (some are yet to be updated).
  • Ask what support your district MPRC is able to provide to club webmasters.
  • Talk with webmasters from neighbouring Rotary clubs.
  • Visit the 'Template Forum' which is accessed from your club admin area.
  • Post your query on the Rotary GB&I Webmasters Yahoo Group forum.

Are tutorials available? If so where can I see them?

The tutorial pages can be accessed wherever you see the 'Tutorials' option on various menus in the members area and admin area or where you see a specific link on one of your admin pages. Please bear in mind that the process of bringing tutorials up to date is not complete. The intention is to set up a Library of tutorials and videos on this demo website with links from the various help pages. Meanwhile the 'Tutorials and Videos' help page will take you to the existing tutorial page.

Where is the "Template Forum" that has been mentioned?

Go to the Administrators Main Page and use the top menu marked "Forum". You can then post questions in any of the topic areas such as 'General Topics', "Club Admin Arera' etc. Unlike the Yahoo group, you do not need to register to gain access. You can take a quick look at the forum now using this link.

How do I join the Rotary GB&I Webmasters Yahoo Group?

This is free. To join send an empty message, title 'subscribe' to: Rotary GB&  The list is designated as Private so it will not show in the YahooGroups directory. You will have the option to receive individual emails, a daily digest or no emails. If you are already subscribed you can change your setting on the Yahoo Groups website. Once subscribed, to post a message to the list email Rotary GB& or click reply to any incoming message (and change the subject heading if it's a different topic).

HELP PAGES sub-pages:


more Here is an index of the help pages that are available. Click on a link to go to a particular help page.

Read why a new style template has been introduced and what it involves

Why a new template?

more Here are the answers to questions you may be asking yourself regarding the new template

Tutorials and Videos ..

more Here are some links to videos and tutorials to help the club webmaster

Using tables in the text area

more Using tables in your website text area can be challenging. Here are some guidelines.

Setting your homepage style

more Guidance on homepage style settings

Uploading images to the text area

more How to upload images to the text area and make them 'responsive'.

Avoiding squashed images on smaller screens

more Guidance on how to avoid images looking squashed on smaller screens

Uploading Photos for the Carousel

more Guidance for uploading photos for the carousel and slideshows

The 'Carousel' homepage display

more Questions relating to the Carousel on the home page

Other features of the Template

more Questions and advice relating to some of the other features of the template.

The 'Thumbnail' homepage display

more Questions relating to the static homepage thumbnail display

The 'what we do' pages

more Questions and advice relating to the "What We Do" pages.

Photo Galleries

more Questions and advice relating to photo galleries