Special Projects/ Millbank Play Area

The Millbank Play Area project involved the complete refurbishment of a play area for children in Millbank Road with state of the art play equipment.

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The above poster shows the ambitious plans to revamp the Millbank Play Area at Thurso riverside. 


Millbank Play Area 'First Turf is Cut'

The ceremonial cutting of the 'first turf' at the Millbank Play Area took place on Monday 10th May 2008. The tuft was cut by children from each of the town's primary schools.

Doreen MacLeod (Thurso Town Improvements Association) and Past President James Campbell are shown with the children. Children left to right:  Katie Chambers (Mount Pleasant), Rachel Fotheringham (Pennyland) and Ross MacGregor (Miller Academy).

The major work to completely refurbish the play area is a collaborative project support by Rotary Club of Thurso and Thurso Town Improvements Association.


The Ground Work is well underway

By late June 1010 the preparation of the site was well underway

The Work is Done