Club Membership

Rotarians work hard for the Community and welcome like minded citizens to join them. Anyone interested in joining the Club should contact a member of the Club. If not interested in membership could you join our Community Fund and help your local area.

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Office Bearers

Carol Rosie *         (President)

Christopher Pearson *    (Secretary)

Graeme Dunnett  *          (Treasurer)

Club Service Committee (8)

Alan Gerrard*             (Chairperson & Senior Vice President)

Ken Wilson*                (Junior Vice President)

Christopher Pearson   (Secretary & Safeguarding Officer)

Graeme Dunnett*        (Treasurer)             

Paul Hagan                 (Club Correspondent)

Allan Lannon               (Web Site Officer)

Alan Sparling *            (Membership Officer)

Sandy Sutherland*         (Immediate Past President)

Foundation and International Service Committee (8)

John Hook*                  (Chairperson)

John Owens*               (Assistant Secretary)

Ritchie Shearer            (Sports and Visits Officer)

James Simpson

Roger Saxon             

Charles Findlay

Derek Sinclair**

John Firth    

Alastair MacDonald***

Vocational Service Committee (8)

Colin Chessor*           (Chairperson)

Sandy Cumming         (Deputy Chair)

Ian Manson                (Assistant Treasurer)

Heather McLean*       (Interact Liaison Officer)

Jennifer Davenport**

Ronnie Johnstone

Bob Earnshaw

Charlotte Fisher*

Craig Omand

Debbie Murray

Community Service Committee (8)

Douglas Clarke*          (Chairperson)

Daryl Pickering      

Kevin Sutherland        (Environmental/Project Officer)

Donald Sinclair          (Community Fund Manager)

Mike Potts                 (Community Council Representative)

Alan Newton

Bill Watson

Frank Bremner

Dale Arrowsmith

Andrew Mennie**

Public Relations Committee

Paul Hagan                 (Chairperson)

Allan Lannon

Membership Committee

Graeme Dunnett          (Chairperson)

Alan Sparling

Christopher Pearson

Succession Planning Committee

Sandy Cumming          (Chairperson)

Colin Chessor

Sandy Sutherland

Heather McLean

 *   denotes Council Member    ** denotes Associate Member   ***denotes Honorary Member