Club Presidents

50+ Years of Presidents! And here are just of them.

Presidents of Thurso Rotary Club

2017-2018 Alexander Sutherland
2016-2017 Charles Findlay
2015-2016 Heather McLean
2014-2015 Colin Chessor
2013-2014 Alexander Cumming
2012-2013 Frank Bremner
2011-2012 Kevin Sutherland
2010-2011 Graeme Dunnett
2009-2010 Alan Sparling
2008-2009 James Simpson
2007-2008 John Hook
2006-2007 Murray Campbell
2005-2006 Bob Earnshaw
2004-2005 Iain Thomson
2003-2004 Paul Hagan
2002-2003 Ian Manson
2001-2002 Bill Watson
2000-2001 Gordon Noble
1999-2000 Donald Sinclair
1998-1999 Alan Clasper
1997-1998 David Warren
1996-1997 Ronnie Johnstone
1995-1996 Keith Smith
1994-1995 Trevor Williams
1993-1994 Brian Leonard
1992-1993 Leslie Rowe
1991-1992 Archie Campbell
1990-1991 Allan Lannon
1989-1990 Jack Donald
1988-1989 Peter Murchison
1987-1988 Bill Pirrie
1986-1987 Alastair MacDonald
1985-1986 Callum Mackay
1984-1985 Crear Shearer
1983-1984 George Bruce
1982-1983 Bill Kidd
1981-1982 George Sutherland
1980-1981 Jim Arkley
1979-1980 Bill Mackay
1978-1979 Bill Cooper
1977-1978 Scott Johnston
1975-1976 D Houston
1974-1975 K Cassels
1973-1974 H Russell
1972-1973 W Young
1971-1972 H Roberts
1970-1971 W Coghill
1969-1970 D Neish
1968-1969 J Deans
1967-1968 R MacCallum
1966-1967 A Collett
1965-1966 G Duncan
1963-1964 W Storm
1963-1964 H MacDonald
1962-1963 A Gordon

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Club Membership

back Rotarians work hard for the Community and welcome like minded citizens to join them. Anyone interested in joining the Club should contact a member of the Club. If not interested in membership could you join our Community Fund and help your local area.