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Here are the answers to questions you may be asking yourself regarding the new template

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Why has it been necessary to introduce a new version of the template?

Not only does the new template have a fresher, more modern look it is now 'responsive'. This means that the template can be viewed on a wider range of devices including tablets and smart phones which an increasing number of Rotarians and the public are using to access websites.

How can I see if my club website is 'responsive' ?

Open up the new template version of your website in a window. If the window is 'maximised' click the 'restore down' button (top right, next to the X close button) so that the window is no longer maximised. Use your mouse to drag the edge of the window to make it narrower. See how the display of your club website changes. Even better, view the website on other devices.

Will the new template involve me in a lot of extra work?

For many webmasters no work will be needed and it's important to note that the admin area hasn't changed. However some webmasters may wish to make some adjustments to page content to take full advantage of the new template's features.

Will the new template look good on all devices, including iPads and smartphones?

A small group of testers have tried the new template on a wide range of devices from iPhones up to wide screen televisions! The biggest challenge is with some of the smaller, older devices. On these devices the new template will look a lot better than the old one, but we expect that there will still be some work to do in response to feedback we receive,.

What's happened to the menu that was on the left of the screen?

The left hand 'main pages' menu has now been replaced by the 'What We Do' drop down menu. This is just one example of what works better on smaller devices. Also, you will see that the menu titles are much better geared to public viewing, e.g. 'club team' rather than 'club officers'.